Ilmington Morris Kit

The Ilmington Morris ‘kit’, (as it is commonly referred to – or costume) is currently derived from descriptions of the old 1900 side with crossed yellow and blue sashes or Baldric.  The colours are those of the Ilmington and Tysoe friendly societies. Grey cord trousers (or ‘dark cloth’ in old descriptions), a white shirt and a grey top hat (worn pre- 1900). In the early 1900’s cricket caps were worn, as the Headington Quarry Morris Men do to this day.  During the sides existence decorated straw hats have also been worn as have white and black breeches.  Blue and gold arm arm bands and a red spotted neckerchief are also worn. Bellpads are worn below the knee and these consist of leather pads which each carry 25 brassed bells with ribbons. The Baldric carries the Ilmington insignia in the centre. a crest derived from the old village school badge together with ‘membership’ badges of silver, EFDSS sword lock and the Warwickshire ‘bear and rugged staff’ awarded upon ‘graduation’.


Ilmington Insignia

A crest derived from the old village school badge.  Designed in 1959 by the school children, the crest, on a grey background, depicts the bear and rugged staff, the insignia of the County of Warwickshire, the ‘torch of learning’ from the early school signs, the Ilmington Hobby Horse (once kept by the school) and the letters IMM for Ilmington Morris Men (originally I,CofE from the Church of England school establishment).